Reed Prototype & Machining

Reed Prototype & Machining is a CNC machine shop specializing in complex surface machining.

We work with companies to develop & produce prototypes from metal and plastic. Our CNC fleet will manufacture in quantity to get production rolling.

Call RPM at +1-855-457-0560 or request a quote online.

Our custom CNC machined prototypes provide the accuracy and strength of a production part in a quick turn process. CNC machining allows for high accuracy as well as excellent surface finish and details. As a result, a machined prototype is as close as you can get to a production part.

CNC machining allows your parts to be made in production intended material for better design evaluation. We machine parts from a variety of materials, including: ABS, polycarbonate, and magnesium.

While CNC machining is the traditional solution for sourcing initial prototype parts, it can also be ideal for low quantity manufacturing needs or for bridging the time gap between prototyping and full production. To ensure that short-run parts match your production cosmetic specifications, we offer painting and pad printing services.